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Microsoft Unveils New Edge Browser Logo And Its Not Like Internet Explorer

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Last week, Microsoft started a ‘Find What’s Next’ scavenger hunt in its Edge browser, eventually unveiling only a few days ago, a new logo for the browser. While the company finally announced the general availability date for Edge Chromium two weeks ago, the release version still doesn’t have the new icon. As it turns out, it’s coming tomorrow.

The new icon is a big departure from its previous browser icons. And the original Edge logo was a blue ‘e’, and it was created that way because they didn’t want it to be too differently distinguishable from the old Internet Explorer. The idea was that too many people access the internet by clicking on the blue ‘e’, and so they didn’t want to break too far away from this conceptual design.

The new logo is still an ‘e’, but it’s a lot more subtle, and chromium like. It’s not all blue anymore, with colors of green tint. So far from what I can see, it has received good feedback and people actually like it.


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