Sat. Dec 7th, 2019



Website Design & ECommerce

While I often work alone; I also have skilled developers on standby for larger than usual workloads. My aim is to ensure your requirements as a customer are met; so I can provide you with a satisfactory finished product. And one you are happy with. It’s imperative that I and my team fully understand your needs and requirements, and once we are clear on your goals and what you wish to achieve with your new website, we will set the wheels in motion. 


I provide all of my customers with daily snapshots of the progress of your websites development stages just in-case there is something you would instantly like me to change. This is useful, if you’d prefer a color change, or a feature change. With up-to-date communication, you are kept in the loop, and you are likely to have your new website up and running in no time at all.

When your project is completed and if you are satisfied with the results demonstrated or provided to you; I will follow up with you personally once every 3 months to continue to offer my services to you and to provide you with any additional security fixes or updates you may need for your website. 

I have a range of systems for you to choose from, and a variety of platforms to build your website on. All of these variables come at different costs, so if you have any queries about website design, I would like you to contact me so I can provide you with an information pack and some quality advice. 

Most customers, who hire developers, also prefer them to provide them with web hosting too. This is also not a problem for me, as I facilitate a hosting service where you can have your website stored. And if you like; you can even use us as a hosting reseller, so we will also be managing your web hosting for you enabling you to keep all of your bills in one place.

eCommerce is a big factor when it comes to website development, and its very important that you choose the right platform as well as a compatible eCommerce ready-made solution. I do provide custom built stores, but these tend to be covered by contractual agreements, and can also be an unnecessary and costly solution for you.



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